Why Us?

There are numerous reasons to work with our team.

These are just a few...

Stronger Sovereignty


By investing in a data center you control your own revenue, energy, and infrastructure. This allows you to strengthen your sovereignty and independence.

Income & Profitability

Build a Facility

Lease to a Tenant


Collect Rent

In addition to raising the majority of the capital needed for the construction, we also make sure to include profitability from the first year the Data Center is leased. Once operational, the Data Center will yield over $20 million per year. (Depending on size.)

Economic Development

In a Secondary Service Business, the local money is moved around but no new money is generated. Old money just goes around and around. 

In an Economic Base Business, new money is being brought in from outside the local community creating a better market. Data Centers bring new money into the community.

Infrastructure Development






Data Centers require top-of-the-line infrastructure to be competitive.

With the Data Center Campus, we will include the updating and extension of the infrastructure necessary to maintain the Data Center. 

Workforce Skill Development


During different portions of construction, we'll accept Native residents who are interested in apprenticing and skilled entry-level positions to develop workforce skills. After the project, these individuals will have the skills to work in long-term positions.

Job & Employment Opportunities


Construction of a Data Center requires thousands of hours of work from hundreds of workers. After construction is completed, managing a data center requires technicians, management, security, and maintenance teams.

Executive Management Development


After the Data Center is constructed, we will train young native adults to run the Data Center Operations. They will be taught and mentored to be able to manage and take over as Executive Officers of the Data Center over the next 10 years.


Data Center 1

Data Center 2

Data Center 3

Our model includes room for expansion. After your first data center is finished, you can build a second and third on the same campus without worrying about competing with the other data centers on your campus. 

Plus, We're Environmentally Conscious


100% Solar Powered

Mechanical Cooling to Conserve Water

The data center will use approximately 36-50 MegaWatts of power. We will include a solar farm to produce 100% of this power sustainably and have excess green energy. 

Traditional Data Centers use water for cooling systems. Our Data Center will use mechanical cooling (like fans) that use more energy (from solar farms) but do not rely on water to cool the servers.

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