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Economic Development

Through Technology

Economic Development for Native Communities

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Helping Native Nations:

  • Strengthen Sovereignty

  • Provide Revenue

  • Improve Infrastructure

  • Access High-Speed Internet

  • Attract Outside Investment

  • Create Jobs

  • Train Workforce Skills

We use Data Centers to provide Native Nations with ​cash flow, economic development, infrastructure, training, & technology.

With a data center comes outside investment, new and modern infrastructure, executive and management workforce development, trade and skilled labor development, local employment opportunities as well as revenue streams to Native Nations

We partner with Native communities to work seamlessly and provide jobs, training, development, and revenue. 

​From raw land to a completely constructed, leased, and operational data center;
we provide the team to deliver economic development through technology.”

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What Is A Data Center?
A Data Center is a massive warehouse that is used to house computer servers. These servers are then used to store data and backups of data for businesses, organizations, and governments. 

For our purposes, we are building hyper-scale data center buildings to then lease out and manage on behalf of large companies to produce rental income for our partners.

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